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Home Hospital

Brentwood Union School District’s Home Hospital (HH) Program is designed to help maintain a student’s continuity of education during a time of illness or other temporary disability. Both general education and special education programs are provided.  

The HH program supports the student’s academic needs until they are able to return to a school-based program. Instruction may take place in the home or virtually for any student physically or emotionally unable to attend school for a period of at least two weeks.  

The program teachers make every effort to correlate home instruction with the student’s school program but HH is not equivalent to full-time school instruction. Certain course work cannot be replicated in a home/virtual environment, (e.g. lab work, physical education, group work, academic discourse, etc.) It is important to understand that there are two concurrent concerns, the student’s health and recovery, and the student’s continuity of education. HH participants must consider that a student’s performance may not be equal to the child’s performance prior to the illness or injury. 

 A recommendation from a licensed physical or mental health care provider, psychologist, psychiatrist, and/or counselor is required.  A letter from a mental healthcare provider must recommend the need for continued home instruction services, and state that the student is receiving ongoing mental health services. 

 If a student has been identified as having exceptional needs and has been receiving Special Education Services in the residence school setting, an Individualized Education Program Team must convene to authorize home instruction and design goals and objectives appropriate to the needs of the individual student.  A general education home teacher will not be assigned to a Special Education student without a completed IEP.